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Dr Richard K. Madsen

Dr. Richard K Madsen has been practicing chiropractic for 34 years. He has been married for 17 years to his lovely friend and wife Cheryl. This has allowed both of them the joy of sharing each other’s families; his son Channing and daughter Kylee, and her daughter Aubrey and son-in-law Rod. They both love the time they spend with their children and grandchildren, Alex and Jax.

Before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic-West 1982-86, Dr. Madsen served in the US Army between 1972-1975 as a light air defense electronic systems repairman. He helped with testing and building main frame computers while employed at Sperry Univac from 1976-82. He served as one of the Legal Legislative Representative for the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association between 1989-1992. He taught at the Utah College of Massage Therapy 1992-1995, teaching Injury Massage. During that same time he had a radio talk show called “Health Talk with The Mad Doc”. Outside of his family and practice he loves to golf, remodel his home and build cabinets. He has always had respect and appreciation for the arts and sciences of all forms of health care. Throughout the 30 plus years of practice and schooling, Dr. Madsen has always had an eye toward nutritional supplements to enhance the health and healing process for his patients.

Several years ago Dr. Madsen and Wayne Gundry (The Chemist of GM Silver Solutions) sat down at lunch and discussed the antimicrobial effectiveness of silver. Silver has a history that goes way back to ancient Rome and Greece. To this day silver persists as a proven antimicrobial agent in hospitals for use in new-born and burn units. This is a very exciting time in Dr. Madsen’s life to be able to be a part of something that can help so many people without the use of harmful drugs.

A short time after that career changing lunch with Wayne the two of them began investigating the effectiveness of CBD. CBD has had and is having an incredible position in health care. So now after decades of helping others through the use of chiropractic medicine, Dr. Madsen has found, yet another way, to complement his holistic approach to healthcare.

This has been a very exciting time witnessing the changing landscape of health care. Many are now finding the complimentary effects of colloidal silver and CBD. More and more MD's are joining the movement to a healthier way of living with less and less need for the pharmaceuticals. 

We will do our best to continually update this website with the latest research and other such information to help guide you through the maze of understanding how helpful colloidal silver and CBD can be for you and those you care about.  There is no hype here just simple straight-forward information based on scientific data, along with the occasional anecdote.  We hope you find the information on the following pages helpful in your search for what ails you.  Finding answers usually leads to more questions and there is page for that as well. Answering your questions will help us all grow, so please, ask away.