Bug Off Spray

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Our unique “plant blend”, “DEET Free”, bug repellant is 100% natural. We use the highest quality extracts of eucalyptus, lemon, and Texas cedarwood. No bug gets out alive and your expensive clothing will not be damaged. A huge favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. 

1 review for Bug Off Spray

Brent Nelson – 28 February 2017

"Howdy Dr. Madsen, I just wanted to say that I loved the “All Natural Bug Spray”. I tested it out first in Montana hiking for six days over many miles of logging roads, and not a single bug bite, I went with my scout group to south Utah’s Zion National Park last week and again lots of bugs but not bug bites. The mosquitoes would buzz and hover around but I did not get bit once. Thanks for a great recommendation on a great product."