The content of this page has no intent to diagnose, recommend treatment or cure for any disease. When considering use of CBD for any condition please consult with your physician. 

How to use it?

Many experience positive results within the first day.

There are dozens of studies supporting the health benefits of CBD. Several studies are helping to establish effective dosing for the various conditions that are helped with its use. However established dosing remains vague. The reason for this is because each individual has his or her individual needs. Until firmly established guidelines are presented, the following recommendation will be the most economical and effective approach to establishing your dosage needs of CBD: 

 Start with one dose of CBD which is 4mg,  (7-9 drops of 500mg, 4-5drops of 1000mg) under the tongue for one minute, then swallow, 3X’s a day (morning, noon & bedtime). Stay with this amount for 2-3 days. If your expectation is not met, double the dose to 8mg 3 X’s a day for 2-3 days. Keep doubling the amount every 2-3 days until you achieve your goal of symptom relief. After several weeks of relief, reduce your intake until your symptoms begin to return. Once your symptoms return increase your intake to the previous amount of CBD.  Many patients have been able to reduce their intake to one dose, once a day, by following this advice. 

Your symptoms might not return. 

It is highly recommended that even though your symptoms may never return a single dose per day could help prevent a variety of other undesirable conditions from beginning.  To learn more go to the "RESEARCH" drop down.

Life is short let's live it as healthy as we can.