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-Rick Madsen (Owner of GM Silver Solutions)- I used CBD for a chronic condition, "chronic myofasciaI pain syndrome". I ran every test possible to determine the name, cause and treatment for what I was suffering from. Every lab test (7 total) showed me to be very average and normal. I was not normal. I couldn't even ring a wash rag  to make it damp, I had to let my wife do it for me. My movements were kind of robotic.  I was on gabapentin and celebrex for two years. This was an amazing combination for me, it made me feel near normal, but things were happening to me that made me realize my liver was being affected by the drugs.  I experienced immediate relief after my first dose of CBD. I no longer take either of the prescribed medications. CBD saved my career as a chiropractor and returned me to a normal life.  This is why we decided to place CBD on the GM Silver Solutions line of products.  5/5/2017 

-Alasia -It has helped my daughter with her ADHD. It has helped with her wiggles from it. We can sit though movies with her. She sits mostly still from them now. She got to stay in her regular school instead of having to go to a special school.    3/26/19

-Shirley B.-  I forgot that I had hypoglycemia! Blood sugar stable now. Lovely. Anxiety triggers have been dialed down considerably. Much calmer under pressure. Grounded. Less stressed out. Sleep well. Deeper. Longer. My body isn’t racked with joint inflammation any more. Pain is seldom and mild. I feel an energetic “bloom” immediately after taking my Silver Blade CBD Oil. Very pleasant.

My “Drama Queen” great grand daughter uses the oil now and she has very fewer episodes, and they are not as intense or long lasting. (She’s a teenager.)   Salt Lake City, 2/18/19

-Shantel T.- OH MY GOSH!!!

 I have had digestion problems since 2014. Visits to the Insta-Care were common for me. I have been diagnosed for gastropasesis (gastroparesis), ulcers, parasites, nerve damage, and more. Not one doctor could give me relief or hope. My stomach hurt when I ate and when I didn’t. My intestines were constantly inflamed, I’m 24! This is not normal.

3 weeks after starting CBD, I’m eating every day, every meal. I’m running after children. I don’t sleep 12 hours a day. I just feel like a weight is off of my shoulders.              July 22, 2018

-Marsha B.-Helped to stop my pain and also stopped my seizures. 

-Danny-Relaxes me for sleep. Controls my neuropathy. Feet feel better, less swelling NOW.         3/22/19 

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