Silver Defense

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Silver Defense provides antimicrobial effects to aid the immune defense system.


Silver Defense contains our proprietary WGF-1000 Complex Blend. Our WGF-1000 Complex Blend makes Silver Defense a highly effective antimicrobial agent. This blend includes ultra-purified silver water, natural tea tree (ingestible grade) and oregano oils. Our proprietary blend synergizes to enhance the antimicrobial agents in fighting the bacteria, virus, or fungus that creates the discomfort attributable to these infections.

This product should not be used in the eyes, ears, or vaginal areas, because it may irritate these delicate tissues. If you need a product for the eyes, ears, or vaginal areas, you should use our Colloidal Silver.

Silver Defense Uses

Mouth: For cold, flu, and immune support, fill the dropper half full. Dispense it to the back of the tongue, swish it around for 10 seconds, then swallow. Repeat as needed.

Skin*: Apply directly to the affected area; rub gently to massage it in. Repeat 3 times daily until symptoms subside

Toenails*: For fungal infections, apply 2-3 drops directly on the affected toenail. Cover with a bandage. Re-apply 2 times daily.

Mosquito Bites*: Apply directly to the mosquito bite and gently massage it in. One application usually does the trick. Apply every 10 minutes until itching disappears.

Cleaning Surfaces: Mix 4 full droppers in a 4 oz. spray bottle with water. Spray over area.

Cleaning Vegetables: Spray lightly; then rinse.

*Many of our customers have claimed that our Silver Defense Gel works the very best for skin conditions.

(Consult with your physician before using to be certain there will be no interaction with medications you may currently be using)

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Myrna Heninger – 28 February 2017

My name is Myrna Heninger and I love silver. I have been able to clear up my toenail fungus, treat my colds and heal many other things. It is the medicine of the future.